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I am about to do a new thing;​ now it springs forth; do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 42:19

FY2023-2024: $772,632

We are called to follow the Spirit’s leading in the messy and holy work of renewing God’s world. This budget provides the financial means for our mission and our ministry, while each of us provides witness to God’s new thing springing forth, a way in the wilderness.

In addition to these General Fund ministries, we support Christian day school education for families at Eastern Avenue, we grow our Renovation and Expansion Fund, we support our Food Program and Benevolence ministries, and we support other local and global ministries through our designated offerings each Sunday.

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God is making all things new ...

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God is making all things new; therefore we are
moving with the Spirit in the messy and holy work of
          renewing worship,
          nurturing faith,
          doing justice,

          caring for creation, and  

          building community,
with our neighbors.

Eastern Avenue CRC is right smack dab in the middle of some Spirit-led messy and holy work. We are embracing a new mission statement. We are discerning ways to implement it. We are seeking our next lead pastor. We are exploring new ways of worship. We are investing in intergenerational faith formation. We are discovering different ways to do justice. We are welcoming new members.

We are building community.

We are living into God making all

things new, Eastern included.


Our next budget embodies all this. It’s a bit messy. We believe it’s a bit holy. We know it’s Spirit-led. And the Spirit is leading us to invest more deeply, to stretch a bit further, to renew our commitment to God’s call to Eastern.

Together, let us step out in faith and be willing, united

as the people of Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church, to wholeheartedly invest in our


renewing worship

We are a community who trusts in our triune God. We gather to worship. We live in faith of our resurrected Savior and in hope of Christ’s second coming. We are living into God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is and as it will be.


We build community through our formal worship services and when we worship God through our ordinary, everyday lives.


By investing in renewing worship, we’re investing in God’s Kingdom.

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nurturing faith

We are a community who is learning to move with the Spirit. We rely on God. We rely on the Holy Spirit to activate us. We are imperfect and faced with all kinds of challenges and are learning to embrace our vulnerability.


All of this is from God. We are called by God to do this work with and among God’s children.

doing justice

We are a community doing justice in all its forms: creation care, food insecurity, educational equity, racial, gender, and LGBTQ+ justice, and more.


We do this with our neighbors through listening and partnering and empowering.


We find our neighbors around the corner, whether that corner is Eastern and Logan, our cubicle at work, or our home.

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God is making all things new ...

God calls all of us to be intentional about our giving. Giving is a spiritual act, an act of worship, and an act of faith as we strive to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us.


For every $100 we give

  • $21.00 builds community through worship

  • $14.60 builds community through faith formation

  • $7.10 builds community through youth programs

  • $5.60 builds community through the Food Program

  • $4.30 builds community through Tutoring

  • $1.80 builds community through our Neighborhood Chaplaincy

  • $1.80 builds community through Missions

  • $8.80 builds community through the Christian Reformed Church of North America

  • $35.00 builds community through our buildings and operations


Serving together in spirit-led
messy and holy work

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