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Budget 2022-2023: $958,954

We are called to be Christ’s body. This budget provides the financial means for our mission and our ministry, while each of us provides witness to the mystery of God’s will bringing all things together under Christ.

In addition to these ministries, we support Christian day school education for families at Eastern Avenue, we continue to pay down the amount of our loan on the building addition, and we support other local and global ministries through our designated offerings each Sunday.

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Caring for Our Connections


A little over two years after our church suspended its programs and in-person worship, we find ourselves regularly gathering again. Holding in-person meetings. Offering tutoring on Thursday evenings, Kids Club on Wednesdays, and youth groups on Sundays. Sitting next to fellow worshippers in the pews. Hosting our Saturday food program.

We are back.

Even though we might still feel some uncertainty about where we currently are as a church, there is no doubt in who we are as its people. That’s because we haven’t changed. We are a committed, justice-seeking, community-loving, youth-mentoring people. Together, as a church, we are creating a new vision, searching for a new pastor, and bolstering our youth programs. We are an Easter people who want to sing the Hallelujah chorus from the rafters.

We are God’s people who are called and ready to do God’s work.


So let’s get excited. Together. About our community and the connections we are blessed to make. To strengthen the long-standing relationships and to make brand new ones. To tie the strands of the rope together into an even tighter bond.

Together, let us step out in faith and be willing, united as the people of Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church, to wholeheartedly invest in our


Mystery of God's Will

This year we are diving deep into our discernment process, striving to know the mystery of God’s will for us, the vision for God’s preferred future for Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church. As we listen for God’s call, we walk beside our community, caring for the neighborhood and the global connections we’ve built in the 143 years we’ve come together under Christ.


For every $100 we give

  • $4.40 supports caring through the Food Program

  • $3.60 supports caring through Tutoring

  • $1.70 supports caring through our Neighborhood Chaplaincy

  • $3.30 supports caring through Missions

  • $13.60 supports caring through the Christian Reformed Church of North America

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Bring All Things

Connections. Relationships. Bringing all things in heaven and on earth together. Our faith journeys rely on the connections we build together under Christ through worship, Bible studies, LIFT groups, kayaking and camping, Kids Club, Youth Groups, corn hole, Children in Worship, and simply over a cup of coffee in between our services.


This budget in particular allows us to invest in Eastern’s future through our new Pastor of Faith Formation and Intergenerational Connections. As we discern God’s will, this pastor will be key to bringing us all together.

For every $100 we give

  • $17.50 connects us through worship

  • $14.00 connects us through faith formation

  • $6.20 connects us through youth programs


Together Under Christ


Our church building and grounds are one of God’s gifts to us. They support us as we care for our community. They provide space to build connections. They hold a place in our hearts as the sanctuary where we seek Christ together.


Making sure the lights stay on, the sidewalks are plowed, and our building is protected from fire and flood doesn’t always make our hearts sing, but for every $100 we give, $34.60 provides care for this square inch of God’s creation.

Who can forget singing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” at our August, 2021 Timeline Event to celebrate Eastern? After being physically separated for too long, that song brought us truly back together. We were in our church building again, exploring the mystery of God’s will for us, bringing all things together under Christ.


Caring for Our Connections

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