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Sunday morning is only one time and one way to worship our God and deepen our relationships. Connect with God and with us all week long as we strive to dwell with our neighbors.

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Dwelling With Our Neighbors

We at Eastern Ave are learning the spiritual practice of dwelling, of noticing God’s presence in our midst. We have many opportunities to gather together and to build community as we do it. We engage in activities together, reflect, and do it again, in hopes of noticing God’s presence more readily in our everyday lives.

It is as simple as that.

We offer many small group opportunities to join together, as well as Community Club dinners to gather and share with everyone.

We have 5 different small group opportunities to join: 

  • Context Collectors - Context Collectors read a book together around a topic of interest. This group functions like a book study while reflecting on God’s presence in the midst of the book’s theme. 

  • Weekday Warriors - The Weekday Warriors are those who commit to an existing program or ministry at Eastern with the posture of learning what God might be up to already in our community.

  • Fun Finders - Anyone can join the fun finders at any time. These one-off events are focused around creating opportunities for people to connect and find people of peace while having fun and learning to play together. 

  • Bridge Builders - Bridge Builders spend time being curious and learning about people who live in the community, the businesses near our church building, and possibly some of the organizations that are working with our neighbors.

  • Peace Passers - Peace Passers make their way through Church Innovations’ Dwelling in the World: a pocket handbook by Pat Taylor Ellison and Patrick R Keifert. Peace Passers focus specifically on practicing this habit in their day to day lives and then reflecting on their experience together.

build your relationship with Christ in community

Our EVENTS page includes details on when our ministries meet next. There's no need to RSVP - just show up! Or contact Pastor Kristy at for more information.

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