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  • Choose a fund from "Select Fund"

  • Keep the "One Time" option selected

  • Enter an amount to give, and click "Add Donation"

  • Repeat, if you'd like to give to additional funds

  • Click "Next" when you're ready to provide your payment information

  • Choose "Pay by Credit/Debit Card", or "Pay by Checking/Savings Account"

  • Enter the appropriate information, then click "Next"Review the donation summary, and if all is well complete your donation by clicking "Donate Now"

You can create a giving account by using the "Sign In / Sign Up" link. An account will allow you to sign in and save your payment information, to avoid having to re-enter it each time you'd like to give. If you are currently enrolled in automatic monthly giving, you already have an account; keep an eye on your email for more information.

Please contact deaconpresident@eacrc.org with any questions.